Loy Krathong – Floating Wishes On Sacred Waters

Fantastic blog by my friend Benita, who I’m working with out in Thailand, on her wonderful experience of the Loy Krathong festival in Trang.

250 degrees east

The day I got back from Railay I went and met my friend Sol at the airport. He is coming here from England for six weeks to help work on the projects, namely DNA barcoding the large insect collections in the lab. It will be nice to have someone else here that speaks English; sometimes I feel quite isolated as there is only one other person here who I can communicated with at conversational level.

A few days after he arrived we celebrated the festival Loy Krathong. This festival takes place at the end of the raining season. Families get together and float lotus shaped Krathong on the water. The belief behind the festival is that all the bad luck you have will float away on the Krathong and the water will cleanse you. I like how the water represents purification and negative energy floats away downstream.

Just after lunch…

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