Filming Thale Noi

Spent the afternoon on the hammock, fiddling about with GoPro studio. Tried to do some editing yesterday but didn’t seem to get anywhere with it. Today the power kept going off and it was too rainy to go out into the field, so after tinkering in the lab I slunk out into the string hammock on the balcony and went through the footage from Sunday. There were so many pieces and moments that I wanted to draw together, to give some idea of how that place felt, but they wouldn’t flow with the kind fluidity I was hoping for. Above all I wanted to play God moving over the face of the water- Moby, but ended up using a song that fitted the footage much more organically.

Thale Noi edit

Anyway, I hoped to capture some of what I was feeling that morning and I felt like the quality of the GoPro did credit to the light that morning. So here it goes, a bit scrappy with the transitions and I need to do something about the end but here’s my first film of a beautiful morning on a Thale Noi, backed by the awesome noise of Sigur Ros- Untitled #8.

Put it fullscreen and turn up the volume.



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